Darj' Ah

Town Cleric, travels with party and reports back to the mayor via magical link.


Darj’ Ah is a Kobold that travels with the party, offering healing services and help to it’s members. Darj’ Ah is also under the employ of the mayor of Scandin and reports the parties progress back to him. Darj’ Ah is not so much the parties leader, as he is the parties director, telling the party where to head next when they don’t know what to do. He is a voice of reason as well, preferring to help others rather than ignore pleas for help.


Darj’ Ah was born and raised at the moon goddess abbey in Scandin and was brought up with virtue and honesty in mind. At age 12, he became the assistant to the mayor and has been in his employ ever since. He is a natural troublemaker, but will act maturely and responsibly when the need arrives.

Darj' Ah

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